The Radiant Healing Story…

Like many of you, we have been affected by illness.  We have watched friends and family members suffer with cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, kidney disease, bladder issues, Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epstein Barr Virus and so much more.

We learned what inflammation does to the body.  We witnessed how the standard American lifestyle does more harm than good.  We have seen the struggles and have had to step back and make sense of the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that comes from getting your head around a diagnosis of any kind.

As sisters, have supported and loved one another through family hardships, crazy unforeseen life circumstances and soul lessons that are playing out in our lineage. We have come face to face with fear, anxiety and life-threatening health challenges. We have evolved and grown and laughed and cried and along the way have understood what it means to know that you have someone in your corner.

We know what it feels like to want to help both from a distance and up close and personal. We know that we are all connected and that when we give from the heart we open up more space for more kindness.

We also know that it can be challenging to find a gift that not only nourishes and soothes but also does so without any chemicals or preservatives that are toxic and can contribute to greater illness.

This is how our mission started.

We desperately wanted to find a way to send a hug to the people we loved who were suffering.  We never imagined that from our love of helping others we would create something as beautiful as our Radiant Healing Gift Boxes.

Consider sending some love and light to someone you care about today!

Wishing you so much peace, love and light xoxo

Marietta and Francine

PHOTO CREDITS: Shout out and special thanks to Kennedy Cummings for the amazing product photos.

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